Play & Win Sweepstakes – October 2012

By Free Ride Gamer Team on September 23rd, 2012

Play & Win Sweepstakes

Women’s Murder Club Death on Halloween!

Play & Win Sweepstakes October 2012

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The October sweepstakes is now closed.

These our lucky October sweepstakes winners who each have won a $200 or $500 gift cards of a retailer of their choice!


$500 Gift Card

Leonard S. From Amherst  MA, USA
Rita S. From New Bedford  MA, USA

$200 Gift Card

Lavette C. From Cedar Bluff  AL, USA
Theresa B. From Waldorf  MD, USA
Marsha B. From Waukee  IA, USA
Carol L.  From Warren OH, USA
Andre S. From Beachwood  OH, USA
Morris W.  From  London  KY, USA
Margaret F.  From  Clarksburg  WV, USA
Cherie W.  From Reading  PA, USA
Patricia B.  From Coal City  IL, USA
Katherine G.  From Ventura  CA, USA


74 Responses to “Play & Win Sweepstakes – October 2012”

  1. Leona

    Love these games

  2. Maria Holmes

    ” Good Luck To All ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ernestine dunnings

    I HOPE i WIN.

  4. Robyn Rankin

    I’m ready to play for my birthday on October 30. Thanks for the oppurtunity to play.

  5. Nancy Paulsen

    This should be a lot of fun.

  6. lorraine laurich

    love these games

  7. Sharon Burnes



  8. jenny

    i want to win the gift cards so can go shoppin at target.ok!

  9. Christine Cooke

    Can’t wait until i win $500 or miore and then i can get myself a brand new phone at Best buy and then my sister will be so jelious of me and then I’ll have to get her to sign up and then have the chance to win some money to get whatrever she wants to have! <3

  10. frankmcleod

  11. norma

    let’s go!

  12. Angela Adams

    I look forword playing this game.

  13. talisa knapp

    i truely enjoy theese games

  14. Nan Johnson

    Love almost all your games. Thanks

  15. Nan Johnson

    Love all your hidden object games.

  16. wanda

    I love playing your games.

  17. sheila schuerer

    bring it on

  18. jewel king

    i love murder mysteries.

  19. Lisa Brien

    i hope that i win one of the cards, seeing Christmas coming up!


    I love playing the games. It helps pass the time of day. I am 78 years old.

  21. Ruth Kelley

    Have never played these games before, but I have read every book James Patterson has written about Womans Murder Club. I hope there is a connection. Ruth Kelley

  22. Ruth Kelley

    let the gaming begin

  23. babes5

    i hope i win…

  24. Christina Mullins

    Lets Play!!!


    ilove you

  26. Charlotte Okeefe

    Would like a gift card to use for Christmas, I have 18
    grandchildren and 6 children and 7 great grand children

  27. Claude Millette

    I like the Game!Now its too late to start Women:s Murder Club but I will Continue Tomorow!

  28. martha merkle

    I love doing the hidden objects games I could play this 20 hours a day if I could.

  29. Denise Hanna

    I would love to win

  30. Mercy Ukpong

    Am in love with this game.

    I Love and like it.

  31. kathy

    This is my first time playing. Hope i win something.

  32. sadangami


  33. Marilyn Morrison

    This sounds like a lot of fun with the actual fact you can win real money. Good luck all.

  34. naheed sheikh

    I always had liked your games ,especially you give a chance to play free and win.

  35. anam

    I love game and i hope i win.(inshallah)

  36. sherry

    I love playing free ride games

  37. Betty

    I play free ride everyday and enjoy all the games right now i’m playing sherlock holems

  38. Betty

    love the games

  39. Reine Allard

    I really like hidden objects games

  40. Reine Allard

    love your games

  41. Reine Allard

    Me and my husband prefer to play Hidden objects
    especialy your free games thank you

  42. Corey Mae Harris

    This is by far the best gamesite I have found. Better even that the ones that require payment. I hope I’m LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. bsuddith

    These games are great! I play at least one of them every day. I know I’m starting late in the month, I still hope to win.

  44. bsuddith

    Great games! I hope to win.

  45. Cassandra Jackson

    Just gettin started. Good Luck All.

  46. Alyson

    Thank you for letting me join

  47. Elizabeth Coats

    gonna try my best to win—i hope, hope, hope.

  48. Stan Petersen

    Thank you Thankyou I love these games

  49. Arman

    Lets c who ll win…Best of Luck

  50. Frances Etheridge

    I’ve been retired for 20 years, and I couldn’t
    get along without games. Please keep ‘em coming. Hope I win something someday!!

  51. kellindy

    I am looking forward to the challenge good luck

  52. prasanta chanda

    thank you

  53. rabia

    i hope i win this year with all my cousins

  54. makha

    good luck to all who enter me aswell

  55. vanessa


  56. deidra felder

    goodluck to everyone

  57. ms.alamo

    good luck i dont need luck i was born to win!

  58. jade

    goodluck to all xxx

  59. Donald

    I just love playing your different games

  60. Barbara Alia

    I’d like to win for Christmas but I also wish everyone good luck.

  61. ellie hopwood

    im saving up for a holiday to spain

  62. Stephanie

    Looking forward to playing

  63. 10pinkgirl10

    i love it so much


    it such a nice way to develope of mind and also timepass.

  65. nancy

    hope i win a target card.good luck to all

  66. nancy

    cant wait to play

  67. David Blanco

    I want to win this one!

  68. David Blanco

    I love it because i’m gonna win!

  69. Donna Smith

    I play everyday—more than one game—I love them!!!

  70. toyin

    i will try my best 2 become a winner

  71. amruth


  72. Strena

    Happy Hallowen !!!! Good Luck to everybody ! I enjoy playing the games they keep me busy.

  73. CORAline

    i love your games good luck to all the hopful winners

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