Game Review: My Farm Life 2

By Free Ride Gamer Team on December 30th, 2012

If you are a farmer at heart and get a kick out of Time Management then My Farm Life 2 is an absolute must. As in many other farm-based games, in this one you operate a farm, but not just any farm. Yours is on a rooftop, which might make you ask ‘how did they get that cow up there?’

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Here’s another twist to the standard agricultural game genre: your rooftop farm is the setting for a TV show which is about to be cancelled. Your goal is to you to improve the farm and make sure your show stays in on air. So roll up your sleeves because you’ll have to take care of the crops (plant, water and harvest), feed the livestock and sell your products while at the same time carry out upgrades by buying new machines and animals.

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My Farm Life 2 is very friendly to use, whether you are an experienced “farmer” or a first time player, you will have no difficulty in operating the game. The main difference between My Farm Life 2 and other Time Management games is its difficulty. During the first levels, in the ‘casual mode’, you main goal is to build the farm from scratch, planting the crops and feeding the animals you start with. As you progress to the expert and relaxed modes you will see that beating the clock becomes increasingly hard. The fact that the farm is located on a roof adds to the difficulty level as you have only limited space to grow many different kinds of crops.

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Another difference between My Farm Life 2, the previous My Farm Life and other farming games is the number of options you have in the more advanced levels (the game has 50 levels). As players, we have a variety of crops and animals to choose from. At the start of each level (or TV episode) you get an order that must be delivered before time is runs out.

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A nice addition is the character of Carlos. He is the guy behind the idea for a farming TV show. He gives you money anytime you deliver an order. You can use the money to buy machines that you can use to produce more products like jam, honey and cheese. The money can also be used for other upgrades to the farm. There are 38 trophies to achieve and increased options for farm helpers to help you obtain them. While the first game had night and day modes, this one has only day mode. We actually prefer it, as we agreed with most the original My Farm Life players that the details regarding the night mode were a bit too much. Here, it is all about space and especially your Time Management skills.

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As you probably understood by now, we have a special announcement for all Time Management game lovers: Your next addiction has arrived! Get ready for some exciting rural action in  My Farm Life 2! You just might be the next big TV sensation….




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4 Responses to “Game Review: My Farm Life 2”

  1. Doretha Holmes

    The game is good, but I think more pop ups or hints should tell you what is needed to get to the next level. I added 3 extra chickens to lay eggs and they didn’t do it any faster than one. Its the same with the extra cows. I guess overtime you’ll figure out what you need to fix or add to get to the next level. Overall the game is challeging and not boring.

  2. bob

    i love the farm games

  3. Lia

    I am very happy with your games

  4. lany jarito

    i like this gme

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