Game Review: Around the World in 80 days

By Free Ride Gamer Team on June 24th, 2012

The classic novel by Jules Verne is vibrantly brought to life in this adventurous Match 3 game. Around the World in 80 Days takes you on an enrapturing voyage that sets sail from England in 1872. We meet wealthy London gentleman Phileas Fogg as he enters a heated argument with his mates at the Reform Club. They say it’s impossible to travel the world in 80 days. Fogg challenges the bunch and says he can do it. Chairman of the Club and biggest skeptic Mr. Stuart makes a bet that if Fogg succeeds, he will step down and make Fogg the new Chairman.


And so the journey begins. Fogg leaves his comfortable life behind and sets out for an experience of a lifetime with French servant Passepartout. The exciting tales of their travels to 7 countries on 4 continents will captivate you as entries from Fogg’s journal are revealed between levels.  The duo seeks treasures, rescue each other out of tough spots and even get arrested along the way.




Each day on the voyage equals 1 round of Match 3 play. You can collect power-ups by making enough matches of 4 or more tiles. The more 4+ matches you make the more power upgrades you’ll get. You can go from the Hammer, which knocks out 1 tile, all the way to the super bomb. Some of the more advanced levels only get unlocked by a specific power-up. Those are tough! The best thing about the power-ups in this game is that you can choose which one you want to use and where you want to use it on the grid.




The game takes a refreshing twist on the last day in every country. Instead of having to release the parts of a valuable item from the grid, Fogg must get a priceless stamp as proof for the boys back at the Club that he really did complete part of his travels. To get the stamp, you must clear all the tiles from the grid.




Everything on the game screen breathtakingly represents the country that Fogg is visiting. From the background visuals to the tiles themselves, the design perfectly captures the cultural spirit of each location. This is what’s so special about Around the World in 80 Days – you really feel like you have been whisked away from your computer desk to explore the world in all its glory. The beautiful classical music that accompanies you throughout the entire journey awakens emotions that you never thought were possible to feel during a PC game!




Sometimes, especially on the more advanced levels, it’s tricky to pinpoint your next match. Simply wait a moment and 2 tiles will frame and flash to help you out. Some tips we can offer on how to release the valuable objects from the grid are to move their pieces to the shorter rows. That will help you push them down faster. Plus, it’s best to try and release one piece at a time. Last but not least, every 100,000 points you score gets you another life. So score as many points as you can!


Will Fogg replace Mr. Stuart as Chairman of the Reform Club? You may know the end of the book but in the game version of Around the World in 80 Days, it all depends on your skill. So line up those matches, level up and show the boys at the Club what you’re made of!


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14 Responses to “Game Review: Around the World in 80 days”

  1. takeishia

    I am so looking forward to playing games.

  2. liz shea

    the game is so awesome and helps me with the different countries are.

  3. William

    thats is good game …

  4. William

    it’s nice too try this game …

  5. David Dix

    A very nice story about going around the world in 80 bays. Also looks like a good match 3 game.

  6. Andrew Bridgeman

    I’ve played this game and I can say very good match 3 game, go for it!

  7. ijac!

    My very first Freeride game – and still one of my faves :)

  8. Laura

    I have played many games on my computer, some free and some I have paid for, this is by far one of the best games I have played. I get caught up in the journey and learn things about the world. Good job, looking forward to games like this in the future.

  9. rebecca

    Best game ever. My hand and neck are paying for it i just cant turn it off…

  10. subrenawidener

    It is a cool game, I can go around without leaving my trailer.

  11. theresa

    I really like this game. It is very easy to play…

  12. carolannn

    I really enjoy playing this game. Just finished the Paris level, so Egypt – here I come

  13. dorothy ware

    i would like to play the game it is more fun and I wish there were more games like this one.

  14. a gilmore

    this is one of the best games that I have ever played. I really I really do enjoy it
    thank you

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